The Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station is a cooperative program formed by a consortium of colleges and universities that offers variety of field courses. These courses are offered from Ranch A, an historic log mansion located in the northern Black Hills, near Beulah, Wyoming, SDSM&T Campus in Rapid City, SD and from Taskesti Field Station, located on north Anatolian Fault Zone, about 200 km east of Istanbul, Turkey.

Geology Field Camp in the Himalayas will start from Kathmandu, Nepal and Volcanology Field Camp in Iceland will start from Reykjavik. Hawaii field camp will be located near the Kilauea volcano. Galapagos field camp will start from Quito, Ecuador.


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South Dakota School of Mines and Technology serves as the host institution and provides transcripts of credits to the enrollee's parent institution. The consortium comprises of SDSMT, U of Mississippi, U of North Dakota and the U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Students from non consortium universities are encouraged to attend the camps.

For additional information follow the links or contact :

Dr. Nuri Uzunlar,

Director, Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station

Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering

Phone  (605) 394 - 2494   Cell:  (605) 431 1275

Course offerings are subject to enrollments. Please visit for updates - last updated on 8/20/2013


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Student Testimonials


"The people culture, and geology of Turkey were all fantastic. ..."

"Managed to learn more geology than I ever thought possible” "This was an intense experience, academically, culturally, and socially” “I had the best experience ever” , "I had one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences in my lifetime”, “ a life changing experience", “I learned a lot this summer about geology and myself"


Schools at 2011-12 Camps


Appalachian State University
U of California - Berkeley
Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks
Cal. State, LA
Central Michigan University
Cornell University
Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks
Vanderbilt University
Denison University
Rutgers University
University of Nevada, Reno
Univ. of Tennessee
University of Montana
University of Alaska, Anchorage
Eastern Michigan University
Eckerd College
George Mason University
Grand Valley State University
Harvard University
Minot State University
Notre Dame
Colorado State University
Smith College
Sonoma State
Southern Methodist University
Temple University
Texas A&M University
Franklin and Marshall College
Carleton College
University of Arkansas
University of Boston
Tulane University
Whitman College
University of Maine
University of Mississippi
University of North Carolina
University of North Dakota
University of Pittsburg
University of Rhode Island
University of Rochester
University of Notre Dame
University of Southern Indiana
University of Syracuse
University of Texas
University of Tulsa
Slippery Rock U of Penn.
University of Washington, Pullman
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
University of  Maryland ,
Vassar College
Virginia Tech


(Open to Everyone)


Geology Field Camp (1) FULL May 12-June 13

Geology Field Camp (2)   FULL June 16 -  July 18

Geology Field Camp  (3)  Full July 21 -August 22

Geological Engineering  FULL   May 19 - June 20

Environmental Field Camp     May 19 - June 4

Pegmatite Field Camp  

Paleontology Field Camps 

Multiple  Locations / Dates

Geology Youth Camp        See Website         


Geology Field Camp            July 20 - August 4

Galapagos Islands

Volcanology Field Camp        May 19 - June 4


Geology Field Camp   FULL  June 1  -  July 5  


Environmental Field Camp     Dates TBD


Geology Field Camp         May 25 - June 13


Volcanology Field Camp  FULL July 20 - August 8

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