Environmental and Groundwater

Hydrology Field Camp

May 15 - 30 -- 3 semester credits

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May 15 - June 4 -- 4 semester credits

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Application Deadline: April 30, 2023


Cost: For 3-credit option -- $3,595 undergraduate. For 4-credit option -- $4,595 undergraduate. Includes tuition, all fees, transportation from Rapid City, lodging and food.  Deposit of $300 is due at registration. No camping.

  • Important Dates: May 15, 8:00 AM- Meet at SDSM&T. If you are arriving on Sunday let us know so we can arrange for lodging in Rapid City.

  • May 30: Students in 3-credit course leave. June 4: Students in 4-credit course leave.

This is an environmental/groundwater field course that provides students with an intense 3 to 4-week field and laboratory experience. The course has been designed to enhance education and training for geology, hydrology and environmental science and engineering students.

Most environmental and groundwater field problems have a strict geologic control including surface-water and ground-water flow, soil and rock properties related to formation and exposure to structural processes, contamination pathways along or beneath the land surface, and natural vs. introduced sources.

In this course, undergraduate students and post-graduate students requiring additional training will be introduced to current field and laboratory methods that are utilized to delineate, define, and characterize environmental field problems.  Students who desire an enriched hydrologic emphasis can choose the 4-credit option for additional instruction on how to assess groundwater sustainability (ie. how much can we pump?)

The following topics will be explored:

  • Sustainability of groundwater and surface-water use
  • Ground-water contamination
  • Aquifer protection
  • Slope stability
  • Environmental and geologic hazards, including flooding
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Field experience related to problem definition, sampling protocol, and sample acquisition
  • Hands-on experience in field sampling techniques for soils and water
  • Hands on experience in quality control and sample preparation
  • Students will gain experience in data analysis, preparation of maps, and report writing
  • Aditional information at this link. (https://sites.google.com/view/groundwaterfieldcamp/home?authuser=0)

Group photo of students working on a floodplain hydrology project in a canyon in the Black Hills.(above) and students working on a small stream in the Black Hills (below).

Measuring the discharge of springs at the headwaters of Rapid Creek in the Black Hills (below-right) and students condusting measurement in a water well near Rapid City (below - left)

For additional info or questions contact BHNSFS at (605) 431-1275 or nuri.uzunlar@sdsmt.edu

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