Physical Preparation


Field Camp is a rigorous and physically demanding five weeks.  Many days will entail climbing up and down hills all day and, especially in the first week, this comes as a surprise to students.  People of all fitness levels have completed our field camp, but it will make your experience easier and more enjoyable for you if you do some physical preparation and conditioning beforehand.



Expect to be outside in all sorts of weather, especially in the beginning of the first session.  Late May and early June can have some cold, rainy days and even snow at times.  A good pair of waterproof boots, preferably with GoreTex will be indispensable.  When we walk through wet grass and weeds for any length of time, no amount of silicone spray or wax on boots will keep feet dry, but boots that are made for that purpose will be much more comfortable.  Also have a good raincoat, rainpants or gaiters, and a rainhat.  These pieces of equipment can mean the difference between a miserable time and a dry, comfortable day.