Required and Recommended Equipment (Most items are available at SDSM&T Bookstore)



Latest edition (1985)of Comptons “Geology in the Field” is required

                        Available on Amazon  as hard cover or e-book  ($19)

Brunton and GPS units.

            Try borrowing a Brunton and a GPS unit from your department if available. If not it will be provided for you.

Field & Drafting   (Metric for Turkey Camps and other international camps) can be purchased in the

SDSM&T Bookstore

geology hammer/pick

holster for hammer (optional but very useful;

10X hand lens (can be purchased at the Museum)

small field magnet

small acid bottle (we will furnish 10% HCl)

two engineer’s notebooks or other hard-covered field notebook (legal pads, spiral

notebooks, etc. are not suitable)

clipboard / map board

day pack

 water bottles and//or hydration bladder/reservoir. 2-3 liters min.

pencils (3H, 4H, and 6H)

drafting pens (0 and 1 at a minimum; 00 and 2 are helpful; bring

refill of waterproof ink)

protractor (6-inch – an extra one may come in handy)

engineer’s scales (10 and 20 lines/inch; three sided scale with 10, 20, 30, 40,

50, and 60 scales are best) ( Metric only for Turkey and other international camps)

triangles (30-60o, 45o)(optional)

colored pencils (24 set recommended)

T-square (optional, but very useful)

drafting board (optional, but very useful)

graph paper (preferably 20 divisions/inch)


Field Clothing – prepare for all sorts of weather from wet and cold to very hot depending on which camp you are attending. Please read instructions on

            the website for individual camp.  
           field pants (several pair)

                field shirts (lightweight, long- and short-sleeved)

hiking boots (most important tool!waterproof, ankle-high boots are best; an extra

pair would be a good idea – make sure they are broken in before field camp)

wool hiking socks or light socks with liners help prevent blisters  (6-7 pair)

            sweatshirt(s) or fleece pullower

            warm jacket or sweater


            rain gear (raincoat, and rainpants or gaiters)

            hat (s) (rain or snow and sun protection), gloves          

field vest (optional, but very useful)


Bedding - See specific camp info.                     

sheets, pillow, pillowcases, and blankets for a standard twin size bed, or sleeping bag  for  Rapid City based camps.

(nights will be cool or cold for earlier sessions)



            A laptop or similar computer for preparing reports. Printers provided


Camping (for GEOL 410 - Black Hills Geology camp only, two nights only, probably fifth week)

                sleeping bag

small tent is recommended

            ground cloth, air mattress or foam pad


Other Personal Items                       


flashlight/head lamb

            set of light clothing for town

            light everyday shoes or moccasins for wearing inside Ranch A

            swimming suit

            towels, washcloths, toilet articles, laundry supplies

            prescription/o.t.c medicines for seasonal allergies and poison ivy

            insect repellent (optional)

            sunburn lotion (at least SPF 15)



            envelopes, stamps, etc.

            favorite snacks.