Petroleum Field Camp

Dates: July 13-28, 2015

Cost: $3,495.00

Application Deadline: December 31, 2014


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Cost: $3,495.00 undergraduate and graduate.  Cost includes tuition, fees, food, lodging and daily transportation to the sites.  Cost does not include airfare to Rapid City. Each session limited to 20 students.

  • Important Dates: July 13, 8:00 AM - Meet in Room 222, Mineral Industries Building,  SDSM&T

  • July 28, Tuesday; 1:00 PM: Earliest you can fly out of out of Rapid City.

GeoE 412 Science and Engineering Field Applications (Petroleum Field camp) is a three credit field course that provides students with an intense three weeks (15 days + one free day) oilfield applications experience.  The course is designed to enhance education and training for engineering students with career interests in oil and gas industry. It is an introductory level field course designed for all engineering and science majors.

This course will cover geologic and geophysical description of basins, geologic maps, isopach maps, geologic cross sections, and geophysical parameters of oil basins. This course also will cover reservoir types / descriptions, fracturing techniques and fracturing types, fractured reservoirs and porosity and permeability, and structurally complex reservoirs.

Students will visit and drill sites in the Powder River and Williston Basins. They will also experience production practices which include types of hydrocarbons; pumping, transporting and storing oil and gas; water and produced water use, treatment and disposal; separating oil and water; environmental problems associated with drilling; and oil and gas economics.

Lodging for the duration of the course will be SDSM&T dormitory in Rapid City, SD. Bring bedding sheets for single bed, pillowcase, towels, blanket etc. Three or four nights of camping.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Nuri Uzunlar, Director, Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station 

Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering Department

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Office Phone: (605) 394 - 2494; Cell: (605) 431-1275