Petroleum Geology Field Camp in Turkey


May 24 - June11, 2010


Registration Closed


  • Cost:  $3250.00 (Includes tuition, all fees, accommodation, food and transportation from Istanbul)

  • . No camping
  • 3 semester credits /2.5 weeks

  • Each session limited to 21 students

Facilities: Lodging includes three weeks at the Taskesti field research station with nine 2-3 person rooms, each with bathroom and shower, a large conference room, kitchen, and dining hall. An experienced cook will provide meals. The research facility at Taskesti has been occupied by international scientists for more than three years. The locals are very much accustomed to tourists. Nearby  Lake Abant and Kartalkaya Resort (15 miles to Taskesti) is a premium winter sports center and summer getaway for many Turks and Europeans.  One week will be spent at the Cayirhan coal mine facilities.  Course Content :  The course includes preparation of stratigraphic columns, geologic maps and cross sections, geologic applications of basins and faults.


  • The cost (including food, travel and lodging, while at the course) is $3250.00 (Does not include airfare).  All students must purchase health/medical insurance offered by SDSM&T..
  • Lodging for the duration of the course will be at a field research facility located 200 kilometers east of Istanbul. Participants will be met in Istanbul  (Ataturk Airport) on May 24 (Sunday) and then transported to the camp.
  • There is a course limit of 21 persons.
  • In addition to standard Brunton compasses, students will utilize GPS units for detailed mapping projects.
  • Each week comprises six days of work with Sundays free for individual activities. Sunday field/sight-seeing trips planned and included in the cost.
  • Application and deposit of US$400 online. BHNSFS reserves the right to cancel the camp if the minimum enrollment is not reached.   The full deposit will be refunded in this case, and applicants will be notified by email by March 1, 2010.



For more information Contact:

Dr. Nuri Uzunlar, Director

Phone: (605) 394 - 2494 or 2461

Fax: (605) 394 - 6703



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